Sign on to tell the remaining Democratic presidential candidates to support gender equity on their ticket.

Women are the majority of voters, the majority of volunteers, and the majority of grassroots activists in this country. We deserve a government that reflects that.

As the Democratic presidential primary has progressed, we have seen the most diverse pool of candidates in our history - women, people of color, young candidates, and our first openly gay candidate - narrow to look like what has been the status quo in this country for far too long. But we can still make history this year.

There has never been a woman, not to mention a woman of color, elected as Vice President of the United States or a Cabinet that fully reflects the gender and racial diversity of our country.

We are sending a letter to the top two remaining Democratic presidential candidates - Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders - asking them to help shape history this year and affirm their commitment to gender equity by running with a woman Vice President.

Sign on if you believe it's time for our government to represent us.

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